A Paper Tiger Burns

In the face of bigotry, a young immigrant to St. Louis struggles to obtain true strength through martial arts while overcoming the demons of his troubled Colombian past.

Empowerment Art’s flagship film, A Paper Tiger Burns, presents topics of great concern facing members of our society today: themes of LGBT discrimination, high school bullying, and immigrant marginalization weave throughout a multifaceted story based on true events.

This startup 501(c)(3) nonprofit has been on a 5-year journey to develop and produce this international story for the big screen. Board members and film crew raised funds to travel to Colombia, South America to film in locations of real events that inspired the script, and followed through in completing an epic feature film without a production company’s support.

Empowerment Arts has a mission to create productions about marginalized groups for cultural and educational influence, and we hope this film’s release will be a truly cinematic start to our public outreach.

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